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A Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

The Proviz Reflect 360 Outdoor Rain Jacket has quickly become one of my favorite hiking jackets. I not only use it in the rain, but also for all of my hiking needs. It has become my go to outer shell. My favorite feature is the 100 % reflective material. During the daytime, the jacket is a soothing light gray color. However, as night falls and it becomes dark outside, the jacket reflects light beautifully. It transforms into a bright white reflective jacket.

As a solo female traveler, this feature is very important to me. I often wake up well before the sun and hike to watch the sunrise. Because of this, I usually start my hikes in complete darkness. Just me, my safety gear, and my trusty headlamp. The reflective material of this rain jacket adds to my sense of safety and security. I always know that if I run into trouble while it is dark out, other hikers will definitely be able to spot me. A headlamp, flashlight, or headlights on a car will completely illuminate the jacket. This is true whether the light hits the jacket directly, or is just in the general vicinity. The ability to remain visible at all hours may just save my life one day, and this is the main reason the Proviz Reflect 360 Rain Jacket is my hiking jacket of choice.

The Proviz Reflect 360 Rain Jacket is a light gray by day, and reflects bright white at night.

Waterproof Material

The outer shell is made up of millions of tiny reflective glass beads, and this type of material is highly waterproof. The waterproofing grade is 5000mm. This means it will take 5000mm (5 meters) of water to continuously rain down on the jacket before you may begin to see a small amount of water seeping through. That’s a lot of rain! In everyday situations – a light drizzle or a normal to heavy rain – this rain jacket will keep you completely dry. If you are caught in a torrential downpour for several hours, then a bit of water may penetrate the jacket.

Points of Adjustment

There are two main points of adjustment to this rain jacket. The end of the sleeves contain a velcro strap that can be peeled back and adjusted to cinch the cuff tightly around your wrist. Similarly, the inside bottom of the jacket has a pull cord and plastic fastener on each side. You can pull these cords to cinch the jacket tightly around your hips for a perfect fit.


This rain jacket is designed to keep the elements out. Although the material has fantastic waterproof and windproof features, it tends to be a little suffocating. However, Proviz thoughtfully designed the jacket with breathability in mind. This rain jacket is lined with mesh, and has a one-way ventilation flap on the back. Hot air can escape the back and shoulder area, without allowing the elements to creep in. Additionally, if you get hot, there is also a large zippered mesh vent under each arm. You can simply unzip both underarms to release extra heat from inside the jacket.


There are several pockets located throughout the jacket. The two zippered pockets on the upper front portion are very deep. They can easily hold a cell phone, gloves, a beanie, or anything else you might want to keep handy. The two zippered pockets on the lower part of the jacket are not quite as deep, but can definitely hold smaller essential items. They are also perfect to keep your hands nice and toasty. Lastly, there is an inside left breast hidden pocket. It has a velcro closure, and is the perfect spot to hide your wallet or other valuables.

Another nice feature is the micro-fleece lined collar. It sits very comfortably against your neck, and adds the perfect amount of warmth and insulation in colder weather. There is an integrated hood that tucks away nicely behind the collar. It it sealed in with a velcro closure. This jacket is stylish both with and without the hood. The sleek and thoughtful design makes the Proviz Reflect 360 Outdoor Rain Jacket a fantastic option for your go to hiking jacket.

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